Where Do You Turn When Things Get Tough?

Written by an anonymous volunteer of Compass.

Do you remember how there was always somebody around to answer your questions when you were a little kid? Nobody expected you to know how to do much on your own without help. Somebody else was always there to take care of you when you got hurt, to answer your questions when you got confused, and to help you find your mom when you got lost. Do you ever stop to think about when that ended? Now it seems like everybody expects you to know exactly what you are doing without having any questions just because you’re at an age that everyone has collectively deemed old enough to just…know things. It’s as if there was some class in school that taught us all exactly what to do when things went wrong, but that class never existed. Nobody taught you what to do when things went wrong, and there aren’t always people around to ask, and if there are people around to ask, maybe you’re too embarrassed to ask them. But life can be so confusing and scary and overwhelming, and sometimes it would be nice to have some help figuring things out. Where can you turn when things get tough now?

No matter who you are, life can be pretty tough. Nobody is immune to things in their lives going wrong. Loved ones die unexpectedly. People get laid off for reasons that have nothing to do with them. Bills go up and paychecks go down. Taxes get filed wrong. Unplanned pregnancies happen.

But where do you turn when these types of things happen to you? Who can help you get through these tough things that threaten to overwhelm you completely?

If you are a person of faith, you know that you can always turn to God and to your church family. You don’t have to pretend that everything in your life is fine at church if you’re not doing well. Your church family is there to help you, so go to them and share your burdens. If you’re not a person of faith, that certainly doesn’t mean you don’t have a support system. You can turn to your family or your friends or whatever support system you have. Or maybe now is a time to consider revisiting your faith! Think about the people that care about you and love you, and go to them when you feel overwhelmed by all life has been throwing at you. Sometimes it helps to just be able to talk about things, and sometimes the people in your life can provide really great advice. Like I said earlier, nobody is immune to things going wrong, and the best advice can come from somebody who has been there. Either way, it is important to lean on those who love you during tough times.

But what if your tough time right now is an unplanned pregnancy? Maybe you’re too scared to go to your church family….too nervous to talk to your family…too confused or embarrassed to talk to your friends…maybe you’re all of the above. Sometimes it helps to have somebody to talk to who you know is just there to help you. Somebody you know won’t judge you. Somebody who can answer the seemingly millions of questions you have and can help you navigate through this particularly tough time. If that’s you, you can turn to Compass. The people at Compass are here to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and provide whatever support you need as you try to figure this tough time out. Nobody at Compass is going to judge you, so you don’t need to be scared to talk to anybody here. We can help you work through your fear and confusion…providing support is what we’re here for. If you feel like you’re scrambling to find somebody to turn to because things got tough, turn to Compass today because we’d love to talk to you.

And remember–things won’t be tough forever. You’re going to be ok. We all need a little help sometimes.