What’s up with my body?

Determining early pregnancy symptoms can sometimes be challenging because many of the symptoms appear similar to those of PMS.

Additionally, not everyone experiences the same symptoms, so asking a friend who has gone through pregnancy what her symptoms were like is not always a safe bet either. Talking with a healthcare provider is the best first step but there are lots of online resources that can help too.

The following article lists ten possible symptoms that may be telling you that something different is happening with your body this month. Pregnancy Symptoms: 10 Early Signs That You Might Be Pregnant 

Many women report swollen, tender breasts, fatigue, and nausea as some of their first pregnancy signs, but other women may not notice or experience any symptoms or feelings at all. 

Another option would be to take a pregnancy quiz, such as this one: Pregnancy Help Online – Online Pregnancy Quiz Most pregnancy symptoms will not begin until around the time of a missed period, so tracking your cycles is helpful! 

If you’re experiencing some of these symptoms, or maybe you just need a yes or no answer (because honestly, googling all those symptoms and then trying to decide if you are actually experiencing them versus imagining them can drive a girl crazy), one of the many wonderful services that Compass Women’s Center offers to clients is a free pregnancy test. If your test is positive, Compass would be happy to talk with you and refer you for many supports including health-related support. If your test is negative, then we can talk about the next steps and how you’re feeling. Compass is a safe and caring space for your to process the results. Taking a pregnancy test can bring about lots of emotions- happy or sad. That’s normal. We’ll listen. 

So what now? If you’ve seen those magical pink positive lines, reality has probably set in that your life is going to change in incredible ways that you cannot even begin to comprehend (and if it hasn’t, that nauseous feeling in your stomach every morning is most likely a less subtle reminder).

And even though from the outside, your body looks much the same as it did a few weeks ago, it is recommended that you see a doctor around 8 weeks of pregnancy. Determining how many weeks pregnant you are is a science all in itself! Week one begins the first week after your last period (see how that timeline keeps appearing). You will also want to know this date because it will determine your estimated due date. 

What can you expect at your first doctor appointment? You will have a sonogram, where you will have the amazing experience of seeing your baby and hearing his or her heartbeat for the first time. And while you won’t actually feel your baby moving around yet, you’ll be surprised at how much wiggling might be happening! 

The first appointment is also a great time to ask all of those questions that have been swirling around in your mind for the past few weeks. Your doctor will probably want to have a series of bloodwork run, this is typical and will most likely include tests for your hCG levels, Vitamin D, your blood type, sexually transmitted diseases, Rh factor, genetic risks, and blood sugar. You can also expect to give a urine sample (and can plan to do this at most appointments from here on out). For more information on what to expect at your first appointment, check out the following resource from what to expect.com First Prenatal Visit

Sometimes pregnancy can feel like a waiting game, depending on if you are trying to get pregnant, or waiting for that official sonogram, but if you experience any of the following: spotting, cramping, abdominal pain, or other “red flags” listed below, be sure to contact your doctor right away as this could signal a more serious issue. 11 Danger Signs of Pregnancy to Call Your Doctor About (thebump.com)

 We know how scary or exciting (or both) those early symptoms can be, but at Compass, we are here to help support you from the very beginning. 

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