What does it mean when we say Compass is Pro-Life?

  • We believe the pro-life movement is a movement of hope and love, humility and bravery.

    – We acknowledge that times may be hard and challenging. We do not minimize suffering and hardship but we believe brighter days can be ahead especially when a community rallies with support for one another.
    – We welcome every new life, even if circumstances are not ideal because life is a gift.
    – We love and value the life of both the unborn baby and his/her mother.
    – We believe that loving and serving women, children, and families is the best way to reduce and potentially abolish abortion.
    – We believe that adoption is a brave and beautiful act that reflects the truth that God has adopted us into His family.
    – We believe that parenting is a sacred honor and a great responsibility.
    – We believe that Compass is a valuable part of the network of resources for women and families within the Morgantown community.
    – We believe our voice should always be humble and loving… even when we believe differently than our neighbors.
  • We believe that all human life is sacred, created by God in His image.
  • We believe that life begins at conception, at which time the full genetic blueprint for a new human life is in place.
    – Psalm 139:13-16 and Psalm 119:73 
  • We recognize the vulnerability of preborn babies and work to protect and defend life in these early stages.
    – Proverbs 31:8 “Speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves. Speak up for the rights of all those who are poor.”
  • We believe human life is of inestimable worth in all its dimensions, including preborn babies, the aged, the physically or mentally challenged, and every other stage or condition from conception through natural death.
  • We aim to be a beacon of hope by offering people considering pregnancy decisions an opportunity to learn about all the options and resources available to them.– We are listeners, prayers, educators, referrers, supporters, and encouragers.
    – We do not manipulate or tell people what to do.
  • We believe that abortion and abortifacient medications are never necessary or appropriate medical care for a woman or her preborn child. Compass does not provide or refer for elective abortion or abortifacient medications under any circumstances.
  • We have love, compassion, and hope for people who have experienced abortion and welcome them to participate in the services provided by Compass.
  • Compass is not affiliated with any political party nor engaged in political lobbying but rather is focused on serving individuals and families.


Last updated: June 2021