Sweet Summertime

Written by volunteer, Abby Custer

One of our family traditions is to make a “Summer Bucket List” on the first day of summer break. Each year, the list seems to grow a bit, but there are always the classics: swim, sleepover at grandparents, catch lightning bugs, camp out, eat lots of ice cream! These are just a few of the things that my kids enjoy doing, but the list could certainly be expanded, depending on your family’s preferences. Here are a few more ideas: 

We all know that the seasons (especially summer) go way too fast, so I find that having some activities in mind ahead of time helps us to be more vigilant in accomplishing our list. It also seems like the more simple activities (a walk and picnic at the park, for example) are often the best days. 

But it’s also totally okay to not have a plan in mind and just take each day as it comes. Sometimes it seems like the pressure never ends as a parent, and summer is no exception. Social media becomes more flooded than usual with photos of vacations, outings, and other events. You don’t need or have to travel or spend a ton of money to create special memories with your kids. Just try to be present and have fun! Our time is worth so much more to our kids than anything we could ever buy them. So go on that slip and slide (just don’t throw your back out – speaking from personal experience over here!), roast that marshmallow, and roll your car windows down while blasting your favorite tunes! Here’s to summer!