Could adoption be right for me?

Choosing an adoption plan for your child can be a very difficult but rewarding decision to make. Compass Women’s Center can provide you with the support you need, as well as connect you to resources to help you through the process.

Adoption could be a good option for you for any of the following reasons:

  • You feel too young to be a parent
  • You don’t want to parent but do not want to have an abortion
  • You do not have a strong emotional or financial support system to help you parent a child
  • You are focused on finishing school or taking the next step in your career

If I choose adoption, what would I be in control of?

The modern adoption process is driven by the birth mother, which means you have control of each step. From deciding how involved you want to be in the life of the child once he or she is born to selecting the adoptive family, you make the major decisions throughout the adoption process.

What are some common myths about adoption?

“An adopted child will not be as loved as a biological child.”

The majority of families that adopt have waited for a child for a long time. On average, an adopted child will eat dinner with his or her family six nights a week. That gives a glimpse into how involved adopted children are in their adoptive families. These children are loved and adored by their families.

“Once another family adopts my child, I will never see him or her again.”

This was true at one time, but the modern adoption process allows you to choose if you would like to remain connected to the family that adopts your child. Semi-open and open adoptions allow you to stay in contact with the adoptive family.

“Only mothers who are irresponsible or selfish would choose adoption for their children.”

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions when it comes to women who choose adoption plans for their children. These women make very strong, brave decisions that most could not, and research actually shows that those who choose adoption for their children are among the most successful in American society.

If you are considering adoption for your unexpected pregnancy, Compass Women’s Center is here to connect you with the resources you need. Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more about adoption and your other options.