Nicole, Client Care Coordinator

Nicole is all things clients! She oversees our client services with compassion and excellence. If you come to Compass for support, you’ll probably get to meet with Nicole!

Nicole has been at Compass since December 2020.



A Note from Nicole: 

As the Client Care Coordinator, I look forward to being a support and listening ear to women, providing services, referrals, and encouragement. I’m equally excited about relationship building and seeing Compass grow. I look forward to all that God will do in and through each of the client’s lives and this lovely ministry.


Angie, Assistant Director

Angie is the “glue” of the office that keeps all things moving forward while keeping the heart and people in focus.

Angie has been with Compass since February 2021.





A Note from Angie:

Morgantown, like all places around the world, needs more of Jesus’ love and grace. Over the years, people have poured that same care and love into me. They’ve carried me through the most difficult times of my life. I’m thankful that He has placed me here at Compass, where I can extend His grace to those who may need a heart and hand like I have needed time and time again. Loving others well means walking with them through their dreariest moments. There IS light in the darkness, and I’m honored for the Compass family I get to join for this walk.

Nancy, Executive Director

Nancy gets to lead Compass to better and better operations while adding new projects along the way.

Nancy has been with Compass since May 2016.





A Note from Nancy: 

I try to remember three things every day. 1. There is no shortage of kindness. 2. Life is truly a gift. and 3. It’s not about me. I truly believe God loves each and every person. It is such an honor to serve at Compass, a place where we celebrate our faith and each and every individual we come in contact with.


Last updated: June 2021