Angela, Executive Director

Angie is the “glue” of the office that keeps all things moving forward while keeping the heart and people in focus.


Angie has been with Compass since February 2021


A Note from Angie:

Morgantown, like all places around the world, needs more of Jesus’ love and grace. Over the years, people have poured that same care and love into me. They’ve carried me through the most difficult times of my life. I’m thankful that He has placed me here at Compass, where I can extend His grace to those who may need a heart and hand like I have needed time and time again. Loving others well means walking with them through their dreariest moments. There IS light in the darkness, and I’m honored for the Compass family I get to join for this walk.

Abby, Client Care Coordinator

Abby works directly with our clients and volunteers. She is full of heart, humor, and faith!



Abby has been with Compass since April 2022.


A Note from Abby:

I believe that there are more opportunities to serve the Lord than there ever have been in the past. In a world full of hurt, brokenness, and shame, the Lord’s redeeming love still shines through. I am excited to continue to support the safe place Compass has provided families to come together to create their own community of cheerleaders. The ability to walk alongside our Compass families is one of the greatest privileges I could ever ask for!

Last updated: May 2022