Relationships and Unexpected Pregnancy

Relationships can be complicated, and an unexpected pregnancy can make any relationship more complicated. First, we will focus on the relationship between the parents of the child. Unfortunately, parents who have an unplanned pregnancy are less likely to be in a committed relationship and are more likely to have conflict in their relationship. Common sources of conflict in a relationship experiencing an unplanned pregnancy include a lack of empathy or understanding from the male partner, as he is not the one physically experiencing the pregnancy, which can lead to feelings of isolation for the mother. Other common sources of conflict include sex and decisions related to the baby, such as the baby’s name, though decisions regarding the baby and the pregnancy can be, and often are, much more complicated than that which can cause even more conflict, especially with heightened emotions due to hormone changes. Communication is key in dealing with relationship conflict and in keeping a relationship healthy even in difficult times. 

Whether the mother and father decide to continue a romantic
relationship or not, having a healthy relationship focused on co-parenting is known to have a
positive impact on a child’s development. In teen parents, the involvement of the father in the child’s life is connected to positive mental and social well-being in the child and positive health behaviors in the mother.

However, this situation is not always possible as 20% of teen mothers experience domestic partner violence which is an incredibly difficult situation that should be addressed completely differently with nothing but the safety of the mother and child in mind. 

Your partner is likely not the only person in your life, so you will probably need to tell several different people that you are pregnant including parents, siblings, and friends. This can make a stressful situation even more stressful, especially if you are a teenager.

Compass is here to help you with the various relationships in your life by talking with you about topics such as healthy boundaries, cohabitation, healing relationships, protecting yourself, and family stability.

We can talk you through the relationship aspects of your pregnancy in addition to all of the other aspects of your pregnancy through the many services we offer. Pregnancy can be a stressful time even in the best of circumstances, and we understand that you may not be in the best of circumstances, so we want to help you in any way we can.

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