Pregnant on Campus

Written by an amazing but anonymous volunteer from Morgantown, WV

College is stressful isn’t it? There’s just so much newness that you have to get used to quickly. You have to handle a new town, unfamiliar roommates, different food, difficult classes, and a ton of big adult decisions that you didn’t used to have to make. All of that can be stressful, but it can also be a lot of fun too. Being in college makes you more of an adult, so you get to experience freedoms that you may have never gotten to experience before. Meeting new people who don’t know you can be exciting, and learning new things that you find interesting and even want to make a career out of someday can be inspiring. All in all, college is a new and exciting time in your life, and you should get to enjoy it. But what if all of that scary, exhilarating newness gets a little too scary? What if one day while you’re experiencing all of these fun and stressful things you find out that you’re pregnant? What do you do then?


First, if you find out that you are pregnant while you are at college, take a long, deep breath…or one hundred long, deep breaths…whatever it takes.
Then understand this–you can 100% handle this. I’m not going to tell you that it will be easy because it won’t be. Life is hard, and unexpected pregnancies can make it even harder because a whole other person has entered the picture. An important thing to know first and foremost is that you have rights as a pregnant college student which I wrote about in a previous blog that you can read
here. Knowing your rights is an important part of handling this new part of your life. Another important thing that I want you to  know is that you do not have to do any of this alone. Compass Women’s Center is here to walk you through your options, give you support every step of the way along this journey, give you somebody to talk to, and connect you to all kinds of community resources that you may need. 


There’s a saying that’s been circulating on various social media sites recently that tells us to “choose our hard.” Essentially, this saying paints a picture of all of the different choices you can make in life and how each of those choices is hard in its own way, so you need to “choose your hard.” Graduating college is hard and dropping out of college is hard…so choose your hard. Being pregnant and carrying a baby to term is hard and having an abortion is hard…so choose your hard. Parenting a baby is hard and going through the adoption process is hard…so choose your hard. But guess what? You’re strong. You may not feel strong right now, and the thought of making any type of decision may be the last thing you want to deal with, but trust me, you’re strong, and you can do anything. Doing any of this on your own is INCREDIBLY hard, but you don’t have to do any of it on your own, so please don’t choose that option. Don’t let embarrassment, fear, nervousness, or indecision keep you from reaching out for help. Instead, choose to call Compass and talk to somebody who is more than happy to help you through this journey. Somebody who can help you choose which path you want to take. 


We’re here for you. We can help you. We WANT to help you. Talk to you soon.